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About Don Nichols

Rather than write a story about myself...I decided to just take a moment and speak from the heart:

I’ve spent 11 years as licensed real estate agent and before that I was immersed in the Denver Housing market in other ways: construction, remodels, & fix and flips. It was really in January 2001 that I made a commitment to the Denver area real estate market. Not just as my career...but as my hobby too. And 18 years is a long time...a lot of deals, a lot of problems discovered and then solved, a lot of lessons learned. It’s my goal to use this hard won information to help people like you.

I spent my first 9 years in the Denver Market in the Re/Max network. That is where I received my introductory education in the “tools of the trade” and began to learn the ins and outs of the Denver Market That is where I got my “Bachelor’s Degree in Denver Real Estate”...if you will. During that time real estate in Denver evolved into my passion and - really - my “way of life” as well.

A real estate agent doesn’t add value with his or her looks or charm [ as good-looking as I am!] A real estate agent adds value with having better information and knowing how to deploy it to the client’s advantage. Having more data and better data is the key to adding value to my client’s purchase or sales transactions. It’s how I can differentiate myself from others who compete for your business with me. It’s how I negotiate you a better deal, win a battle with other buyers to get you a particular home, or fight for more money for you.

And that’s why I chose to team with with Kentwood City Properties. Kentwood brokers do more transactions and tend to deal with more affluent customers...working with these consummate professionals helps keep me better informed on what is really happening in our market. Sometimes it really IS who you know. Plus...Kentwood has some of the leading technology in the industry to put to use serving our clients. Kentwood is where I earned my “Master’s Degree in Denver Real Estate” might say.

A final example...while the overwhelming majority of my clients come from referrals...I look forward to doing open houses almost every weekend. These open houses are essential in “taking the pulse” of the market. Talking with the people who visit my open houses can tell me more about where the market is headed in 3 to 6 months than 100 economists ever could. Again...better information...that’s not available elsewhere. That only comes from “paying your dues.”

About me? Here are few things that I care deeply about: I love walking my dog Ginger on the Highline Canal trail. I love my family. I love my girlfriend Rebecca. I love mountain biking in my “secret” spots up near Evergreen.

There is a lot more to say...but not much more space here. So let me conclude with this invitation: let’s give it a try. Come to one of my open houses. Let me show you some available homes. Invite me over for a chat about your home’s value. Let me show you how different things are when we can speak with better information, data, and knowledge. There are never any strings attached and I never “close” anyone to make a commitment. If it feels like the relationship “works,” just give me a call and we can keep working together. If I honestly didn’t believe I could deliver you a better outcome than you might find elsewhere...I’d have moved on to another field long ago. Thanks for reading through to the end :)


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