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For the avid wine collector, a wine cellar is not only a practical venture, but a prestigious one. For collectors who purchase wines ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, a cellar helps them to protect those costly investments. Wine cellars are specifically designed to maintain the perfect conditions, temperatures, and humidity that will allow the wine to mature properly.

Most of the time, collectors also enjoy entertaining or hosting wine and food pairings for guests in their wine cellar. If you are a wine enthusiast, a wine cellar is a wonderful way to display your collection elegantly where family, friends, and acquaintances can easily admire it. Following are a few listings we love with unique, custom wine cellars any wine lover will appreciate!


1255 Huntington Trails

Listed by – Jamie Slough & Mor Zucker

Step into 16th Century Europe with this one of a kind wine cellar. The antique door was once the entrance to a private residence courtyard. Inspired by the door, the cellar is designed to feel like a courtyard complete with a sitting area, water feature, and French antique window.  Holding up to 24 cases of wine, this is truly a wine lover’s retreat!

1255 Huntington Trails | Wine Cellar

8643 East Iliff Drive

Listed By – Jan Nelsen & Molly Weiss

Phenomenal, temperature controlled, secure wine cellar displays 1,266 wine bottle.  A 16 foot wall of glass allows the owner to showcase the wine collection!

 8643 East Iliff Drive | Wine Cellar

604 South Corona

Listed By – Robyn Landry

These owners cleverly had their wine cellar built into the space under the stairs. Requiring little space, this temperature controlled wine cellar can store up to 350 bottles. Focused lighting enhances functionality and dramatically showcases their special format wines (including magnum sized bottles). The use of stacked stone and wood provide an ambiance that complements their professionally finished basement. The addition of this wine cellar has provided a special focus to the room that sets the mood for a space anchored in enjoyment.

604 S Corona Street | Wine Cellar

379 Dahlia Street

Listed By – Devon Richardson

Featuring an incredible wine cellar surrounded by a slate wainscot, customized cherry stained wine racks, butcher block counter tops, and a wet bar.

 379 Dahlia Street | Wine Cellar

Kentwood Broker Personal Home

Created by – Jason Cummings

This wine cellar was recently built in 2016 and is in the basement of a newly built home in Southeast Denver. This home is off market, but we thought we would share a different twist on a wine cellar. The wine cellar is constructed with redwood throughout the side and entry walls, as well as the ceiling and racks. The flooring is made from cork. The unique factor that gives this cellar a more organic presence is the accent wall in the back, which was made from four deconstructed wine racks recently used to store wine in Northern California.

Jason Cummings | Wine Cellar

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