5 Home Decor Myths To Ignore

With all the home decor myths, rules, and guidelines telling you what’s trendy, what’s not, and what is an absolute fashion faux pas, we often get too scared of decorating our homes in case we get it wrong. The good news is that no matter what you have heard, there is no wrong because it’s your home! As long as everything works for you, then go for it. Not every decor rule should be considered gospel. To get you started, here are a few home decor myths that you can debunk.

Ceilings Must be White Ceiling

Don’t get us wrong, a classic white ceiling can bring an air of simplicity to an otherwise busy room. In other cases, like bright yellow walls in your kitchen or deep blue hues in your bathroom, white maybe a bit bold and distracting. A complimentary color or even off-white can bring a room together much more fluidly. A colorful ceiling can add a wonderfully chic element and even a wow factor to any room.

Colorful Ceiling | Home Decor Myths

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Never Mix Metals

Gone are the days where home decor myths like this rang true. With the opportunity to adorn your home with brilliant gold, rich copper, or brushed nickel, why limit yourself to just one type of metal? Metals such as copper and gold will not only complement each other but will also bring warmth to your design. Other metals like silver and nickel add a cooler element. Together they bring balance, texture, dimension, and glamour to your space! Mixing metals cannot only be a good thing: it can be a better choice than confining yourself to just one.

Mxing Metals | Home Decor Myths

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Dark Colors Make a Room Look Smaller

This is one of the home decor myths that nearly every home owner has heard. But if done correctly, white and neutral tones aren’t the only colors allowed for tiny spaces. Darker hues are far from off-limits, and can even open up a space. Having a dark, rich color on the walls can create texture, dimension, and warmth. Your furniture choices will be important here. Bring in a couple of mirrors along with come chic patterns and decor to leave your space feeling cozier than ever.

Dark Colored Room | Home Decor

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Throw Pillows Should Only Be Used In Odd Number

Here is one of the home decor myths that we have never quite understood. When it comes to throw pillows, we say there are no rules! Whether you want 2 or 12 pillows, one pattern or three, the same size or a mix of sizes, have them on the couch, the floor or on a few chairs, you really can’t go wrong. Throw pillows are meant to be an easy and inexpensive way to add some glamour, personality, and fun to any room. Remember, it’s all about what you think fits.

Throw Pillows | Home Decor Myths

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Chairs Should Come in a Set

In today’s world of mix and match, this old school line of thinking just won’t cut it! Buying a complete dining room set can cost a fortune. But purchasing second-hand chairs or revamping inherited ones can cost you next to nothing. On top of that, it is a wonderful DIY project and looks fabulous! Mix textures, colors, fabrics, shapes or whatever else you feel for a fun and chic dining room set.

Mix & Match Chairs | Home Decor Myths

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