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Park Hill is a community known for its friendly neighbors, mature trees, and love of  arts, culture, and entertainment. The area exudes a family-friendly, middle-class charm this is quickly becoming common knowledge among locals. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with diversity, history, and a bright future, look no further than Park Hill.

Rarely is there ever a shortage of things to do in this bustling community. Residents enjoy top-notch amenities at their finger-tips, creating a wonderful quality of life for families, married couples, and singles alike. Within one mile, locals can find places to eat, drink, buy groceries, or work out. Big ticket attractions such as the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and Denver Botanic Gardens are all next-door.

Park Hill is made up of three smaller neighborhoods, Northeast Park Hill, North Park Hill, and South Park Hill. Despite this division, pride in the community runs deep. Annual tours, civic and local events, and swift action to any challenges to safety characterize the community. And while the Mile High City continues to grow, Park Hill residents remain passionately committed to preserving their community.

Park Hill History

The neighborhood can trace its roots back to 1887. A man named Barren Von Winckler purchased 32 acres on the East side of City Park. He designed the original development that eventually became Park Hill. From the 1920s on, the community was recognized as one of the city’s premiere neighborhoods. Developers soon implemented regulations, including racial restrictions leading to a predominately white neighborhood. Development increased following WWII, drawing the interest of middle-class, black families. Realtors began using this to their advantage, contributing to the “white flight” from the area and serving as a catalyst for segregation in the community.

In the 1960s and 70s, segregation was not the only issue facing the community. Crime and gang activity plagued the area and there were disagreements about placement of toxic waste and flight paths from Stapleton Airport. During the same period, some residents rallied to seek a peaceful integration of the neighborhood. A group of churches, congregates, and residents established the Park Hill Action Committee which later became the Greater Park Hill Community, one of Denver’s most active community associations.


Fun Fact: Former Park Hill resident and NBA star, Chauncey Billups, wears his pride for his community on his sleeve by sporting a “King of Park Hill” tattoo on his arm.

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