5 Best Plants to Grow Indoors

As the chill in the air creeps in and the days begin to grow shorter, we find ourselves winding down our Summer activities and gearing up for the coming winter. Sunset hikes turn into cozy movie nights on the couch, as we start to prepare ourselves and our homes for snow.

Even though there is still time to tend to our beloved gardens before winter sets it, we know that the end is near. Here in Denver, 70% of our days are full of sunshine, according to LawnStarter. So, there’s no need to stop gardening, instead use the power of the sun to garden indoors!

  • Peppers
  • Radishes
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Herbs


Best Plants to Grow Indoors

Finding a warm, sunny spot in your home (at least 75 degrees), can easily allow you to grow banana or cherry peppers. They require quite a bit of space, so be sure to plant them in a three- to five-gallon container. Start off with sprouts instead of seeds for a hearty harvest!

Best Plants to Grow Indoors | Pepper

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Best Plants to Grow Indoors

Radishes are surprisingly quick and easy to grow. Cherry Belle radishes are especially popular and mature in just about 25 days. Store the plants in a container in a sunny window, but move it away if the space gets too hot. Keep the soil adequately watered without soaking it. With radishes, timing is important. If you wait too long to harvest them, the flavor will be bitter. In general, when you see the radish starting to peek out of the soil, it’s ready!

Best Plants to Grow Indoors | Radishes

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Best Plants to Grow Indoors

Tiny Tim, Pixie, Patio, and Small Fry tomatoes all grow wonderfully indoors! Plant your tomatoes in an un-glazed pot with good drainage holes and place in a sunny, south-facing window. Turn the containers regularly so that the entire plant enjoys the sunshine. You may not get the same amount of tomatoes as you would during the summer, but you will get the personal satisfaction and freshness of homegrown tomatoes. Think of how your indoor garden will wow the family this Thanksgiving dinner!

Best Plants to Grow Indoors | Tomatoes

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Best Plants to Grow Indoors

Believe it or not, it’s easier to grow carrots in a pot than in a garden, making them perfect for your indoor garden. Use a deep pot filled with potting soil, sprinkle in the carrot seeds, and place them in a sunny window. Only water when the soil is dry, then wait for the seeds to germinate. The plants will most likely be too crowded together to grow properly. So, thin them out to give the remaining ones room to grow. When you see the root turn orange, your carrots are ready!

Best Plants to Grow Indoors | Carrots

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Best Plants to Grow Indoors

Fresh herbs add flavor to your food and growing them in your kitchen is as fresh as you can get! Popular herbs to grow include basil, chives, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, and sage. For more success, start with plants from a nursery rather than trying to grow your herbs from seeds.

Place the potted herbs in spots that receive direct sunlight. For proper drainage, use pots that have a hole in the bottom with a tray of small stones underneath to collect the extra water. Only water when the soil is completely dry. Prune the herbs as you need to use them and watch them regenerate!

Best Plants to Grow Indoors | Herbs

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