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Here in Denver, we take our tacos very seriously!  Taco Tuesday is more than enough reason for us to celebrate and we dream of the day when there will be taco vendors on every street corner. But until then, here are some of our favorite taco joints around Denver that are dishing out some undeniably delicious food.

Machete Tequila and Tacos

Denver Tacos | Machete

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Where: 1730 Wynkoop Street, Denver & 2817 East 3rd Avenue, Denver

Why We Love It: “Machete has the best tacos! They serve true authentic Mexican food, with 4 different salsas to pick from (mild to spicy habanero) with a refreshing margarita!” – Berenice Bejarano, Kentwood Cherry Creek Broker

“If you haven’t tried Machete Tequila + Tacos, then you are in for a real treat. Machete not only has an extensive tacos menu, its food is also locally sourced, making it a true Denver favorite! Check out their happy hour that offers tacos for $2.75 and margaritas for $3!” – Mor Zucker, Kentwood Cherry Creek Broker

“Machete Tequila and Tacos is awesome! They have delicious street-inspired tacos. The Arrachera taco is my favorite steak taco. The Langosta is an amazing lobster taco with avocado and chile aioli. The Robalito Al Pastor is a grilled halibut taco with pineapple salsa. They have wonderful margaritas and a huge selection of all the best tequila. The owner, Dan Ohlson, is a client of ours. Not only does he have two wonderful restaurants, he’s also a very generous person and contributes to multiple local charities and organizations.” – The Harris Team, Kentwood City Property Brokers

Los Carboncitos

Denver Tacos | Los Carboncitos

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Where: Multiple Locations Across Denver

Why We Love It: “I love this neighborhood spot because it was the site of my first date with my fiancé and has the best tacos in town! Their tacos, which are served in homemade tortillas, start at $2 a piece with an additional .50 cents for cheese. While I love their marinated chicken, The Tacos al Pastor is most people’s favorite. After your meal, enjoy a house-made Aqua Fresca or Mexican Cerveza to wash down the variety of spicy salsas served to every customer! Los Carboncitos has 3 locations but the one on 35th and Pecos is in this Highlanders stomping grounds.” – Emily Chaney, Kentwood Cherry Creek Broker

Torchy’s Tacos

Denver Tacos | Torchy's Tacos

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Where: Multiple Locations Across Denver

Why We Love It: “I love Torchy’s Tacos! I love that their tacos are a bit bigger than the traditional taco and the tortilla is awesome! While I’m not sure what’s in the tortilla, I know that its heaven. Also, I love that I can get breakfast tacos any time of the day. Oh and their margs aren’t half bad either!” – Libby Levinson, Kentwood Cherry Creek Broker

Mexico City

Denver Tacos | Mexico City

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Where: 2115 Larimer Street, Denver

Why We Love It: “Last week, I had the opportunity to have take-out steak tacos from Mexico City. I’d forgotten how good they are. In fact, I didn’t even know Mexico City was still open! 25 years ago it was an open cafe concept with the kitchen along the wall where you could watch them make the tacos.  Today, the kitchen area is hidden in the back & they have a bar upfront. Go early, because the line was out the door at 11:45am.” – Michel Brossmer, Kentwood Cherry Creek Broker

El Taco De Mexico

Denver Tacos | El Taco De Mexico

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Where: 714 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

Why We Love It: “Their Tongue Tacos are not to be missed! Also anything with their green chile, like the Chile Rellenos, is muy bueno!” – Hanne Lichtenfels, Kentwood City Properties Broker

“The food here is as authentic as it gets, no fluff, no frills, just good old wholesome Mexican food. I have not been brave enough to try the tongue or cheek tacos yet, but the steak and pork are perfection. This Denver gem will not disappoint!” – Brittany Ouzts, Kentwood Real Estate Art Director

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