Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

It’s common knowledge that living in a walkable neighborhood will do wonders for your physical health. But a pedestrian friendly neighborhood can have positive impacts on the environment, our wallets, and our communities as well.

In neighborhoods that are highly walkable, residents are more likely to visit and support local businesses, public parks, places of worship, or other businesses. Walking through their neighborhoods will also gives residents a sense of connection, thus helping them to feel more responsible for their communities. All of which helps spur local economic growth, decrease crime rates, and promote a happy community.

While Denver only ranks as the 16th most walkable large city in the US, many neighborhoods within Denver are considered a walker’s Paradise!

Capitol Hill

Walk Score: 92
Transit Score: 65
Bike Score: 90

Capitol Hill is a walker’s paradise! Everything you could need is right within walking distance. The Ogden Theater, The Bluebird, and The Fillmore Auditorium, some of Denver’s most popular music venues, are all within blocks of each other. Stroll down Colfax to some of the city’s best restaurants, dive bars, and shops while still being within walking distance to your home. To live in Capitol Hill is to immerse yourself in Denver’s hottest scene!

Denver's Most Walkable Neighborhoods | Capitol Hill

Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods


Walk Score: 91
Transit Score: 83
Bike Score: 93

Living and playing in Downtown will put you right in the center of the action. The urban location offers a mix of business, recreation, arts, fine dining, shopping, and much more. Whether you choose to walk, bike, bus, or light rail you will find that the destination is never too far. It’s even possible to live Downtown without a car to get you where you need to go! With over 696 restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in the area, residents can walk to an average of 38 of those amenities in just 5 minutes.

Denver's Most Walkable Neighborhoods | Downtown

Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Five Points

Walk Score: 85
Transit Score: 70
Bike Score: 94

Once Five Points was known for its rough reputation. But recently the area experienced a resurgence in popularity, and now finds itself as one of the more desirable places to live in Denver. With Welton Street running through the heart of Five Points, you will find the hustle and bustle of 75 businesses including restaurants, barber shops, boutiques, salons, and even a radio station. The history and culture of one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods has helped to shape the lifestyle and personality that people in Denver are drawn to.

Denver's most Walkable Neighborhoods | Five Points

Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods


Walk Score: 85
Transit Score: 55
Bike Score: 92

Not only is Speer one of Denver’s most walk-able and bike-able neighborhoods, but it is also considered a hidden gem in terms of nightlife among Denver’s hipster crowd. While it may not be the city’s most popular destination for bar-hopping, between the quirky boutiques, historic homes, and to-die-for eateries it is a wonderful place for a laid-back Sunday or casual night out with friends.

Denver's Most Walkable Neighborhoods | Speer

Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods


Walk Score: 83
Transit Score: 60
Bike Score: 88

If you are looking for the perfect mix of a vibrant social scene and quality casual outings, you can count on Baker to cater to both. Denver’s Baker neighborhood (also known as South Broadway) is trendy, artsy, and eclectic. South Broadway is filled with quality tattoo shops, used books stores, local coffee shops, alternative music venues, dive bars, and vintage boutiques.

Denver's Most Walkable Neighborhoods | Baker

Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Cherry Creek

Walk Score: 83
Transit Score: 49
Bike Score: 77

Cherry Creek is a pedestrian friendly place to see and be seen. It’s Denver’s premiere outdoor retail and dining neighborhood with an extensive collection of art galleries, independently owned boutiques, and international fashion brands. Spend a day walking through 16 charming blocks to find unique clothing, jewelry, home furnishings or art. The area even boasts the 22-mile Cherry Creek recreational path, excellent for the runner, biker, or casual walker.

Denver's Most Walkable Neighborhoods | Cherry Creek

Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Congress Park

Walk Score: 72
Transit Score: 46
Bike Score: 87

Congress Park is popular for ease of access to Cherry Creek and Downtown. It is also located within 5 blocks of Cheesman Park, one of Denver’s most popular parks during warmer months, as well as the Denver Botanic Gardens. Its namesake, Congress Park, includes a baseball field, play-ground, and swimming pool. Because it’s borders sit along major city thoroughfares, there is no shortage of top-rated businesses including mouth-watering restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

Denver's Most Walkable Neighborhoods | Congress Park

Denver’s Most Walkable Neighborhoo


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