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Although we sit in a landlocked state, the Denver sushi scene has seen a tide of new Japanese restaurants rolling in this past year. Many of which see fresh fish flown in daily from all over the world! If this new wave has peaked your interest in the vast sea of sushi Denver has to offer or if you are looking to try out the newest sushi hot spots around town, here are some of our favorites. If we’ve missed one of yours, let us know!

Izakaya Den

Where: 1487A South Pearl Street
Why We Love It :

“My absolute favorite sushi in town, but the ambiance is really my favorite part. The second-floor bar area with the skylights and huge bamboo stalks make it a fun, cozy place to meet up with friends and catch up.” – Libby Levinson, Kentwood Cherry Creek

“The BEST in town are the well-known Sushi Den and sister restaurant Izakaya Den. The fish is flown in fresh daily and the consistency of quality is unmatched. Favorites are the special Sashimi plates- I love to introduce friends to those specialties. They are always crowd pleasers. Aficionados will love the fresh fish sushi and sashimi specials that highlight fish from all over. The atmosphere in both restaurants is vibrant and the open-air roof top makes for a lovely summer evening. They are great for a date night or a fun gathering with friends.” – Kim Norton, Kentwood City Properties

Sushi Den

Where: 1487 South Pearl Street
Why We Love It :

“We all love Sushi Den and think it’s at the top of all the sushi restaurants we’ve ever been to. We order all kinds of sashimi, and are big fans of the Caterpillar Rolls. The space is very attractive and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. The only downside is that it’s so popular, and the wait times can be long.” – Devvy Altman, Kentywood City Properties

“Sushi Den is the most highly-regarded Sushi & Japanese restaurant in Denver. Fresh fish is flown in daily from Japan for an award-winning dining experience – this is what they say about themselves and it is true! Long lines on the weekends but worth the wait.” – Cathy Skelly, With Doug Hutchins Homes at Kentwood DTC

“Easily Izakaya Den/ Sushi Den, best sushi I have ever had. They share a kitchen, but offer different dining atmospheres and let you choose from both menus! Fresh fish flown in daily and hand-picked for the restaurant.  For an appetizer get the Crispy Spicy Tuna and during the main course try the Canadian Snow Crab with American Caviar Nigiri!” – Matt King, Kentwood Cherry Creek

“Sushi Den and Izakaya Den are hands down the best sushi in town. They fly fish in daily from Japan and from around the world. Their quality and consistency have kept regulars coming back for over 30 years. The architecture, sushi bar, and globally influenced menu at Izakaya Den make it place we try to go once a week. For a special occasion, treat yourself the Chef’s table at Sushi Den, called the Denchu Room. Izakaya has a great Happy Hour until 6pm in the bar areas… if it’s nice out ask them to open the glass roof. Go early or make reservations or you may be waiting a while to enjoy your sushi. Kanpai!” – Greg Yoshida, Kentwood City Properties

Sushi Hai

Where: 3600 West 32nd Avenue
Why We Love It :

Sushi Hai is my favorite date night restaurants. Get a room downstairs, cozy up and you won’t be disappointed.” – Ashley Miller, Licensed Transaction Manager

Like the Highland neighborhood, Sushi Hai is refined with a funky bite to its elegance. Modern with a Japanese flair, and filled with exceptional art created in the neighborhood, the restaurant can seat up to 175 people – and every table feels special. They also offer three private Tatami Rooms, which accommodate 8 to 12 diners in traditional Japanese floor-seating.

Sushi Totoro

Where: 4243 South Buckley Road
Why We Love It :

“Sushi Totoro is locally owed, has a great service, and all you can eat specials every day! Mmmm!” – Brittany Eldridge, Accounting Assitant

All-you-can-eat sushi! Need we say more? When you enter, you will find a substantial section of the space decorated in homage to the perky anime character for whom the eatery is named. And your tongue will be similarly brightened and bemused by the plates that make their way to your table.

Taki Sushi

Where: 420 East Bayaud
Why We Love It :

“Taki Sushi is located in a wonderful neighborhood and offers fresh, high quality, affordable food! If you aren’t looking for a sit-down experience, the delivery staff is quick, friendly, and reliable and there are no additional fees. Some fun delivery specials are Free California roll or edamame with $25 order and a free Dragon roll with $50 order.” – Andrea Bell, Kentwood Cherry Creek

Sushi Bay

Where: 3877 Tennyson Street
Why We Love It :

“I love Sushi Bay on Tennyson. Really kind staff, great lunch special, and great sushi. A hidden gem in my opinion!” – Jenna Fulk, Kentwood City Properties

Sushi Bay is like the sushi version of The Little Engine That Could. It sits on Tennyson Street, and even though it looks a little rough on the outside compared to other shiny spots in the area, they keep pace with quality eats at reasonable prices.

Sushi Rama

Where: 2615 Larimer Street
Why We Love It :

“Sushi Rama has a unique, fun atmosphere that sets itself apart from all the other Denver sushi spots! Great sushi, even better cocktails!” – Ashley Miller, Licensed Transaction Manager

Sushi Rama is all about the experience with the little conveyor belt service that wraps the tables and delivers your food. Just sit as close to the front of the belt line as possible, or watch people in front of you ruthlessly snipe the fresh stuff before it gets to you.

Okinawa Sushi

Where: 2301 East Colfax
Why We Love It :

“I’m no sushi expert, but I sometimes play one on TV. My rule of thumb is this: If the yellowtail is bright and lightly briny, I’ll stipulate that the rest of that restaurant’s fish will be delicious. Okinawa Sushi’s Tennyson Street outpost in Berkeley has been delivering some of the brightest fish – on some very creative serving boats – long before the term “Tennyson Street” encompassed the blocks down to 38th Avenue.” – Karl Lueders, Kentwood Cherry Creek

Sushi Harbor

Where: 4136 8th Avenue
Why We Love It :

“My favorite is Sushi Harbor! Fresh fish, I was told by the server that they get fresh fish daily.” – Maria Hambrick, Kentwood Cherry Creek

With a mesmerizing conveyor belt sushi system as a centerpiece, this quirky-fun RiNo spot adds some interactive entertainment to the sushi scene

John Holly’s

Where: 9232 Park Meadows Drive
Why We Love It :

“Sushi in the suburbs…for those of you on the hunt for good sushi in the south suburbs Greg and I love John Holly’s. They have everything from new style sashimi to specialty rolls as well as a full menu for your non-loving sushi friends who don’t know what they are missing. The energy is great and the place is always hopping!” – Kelly Sophinos, Kentwood DTC


Where: 98 Steele Street
Why We Love It :

“Matsuhisa Cherry Creek, the best Sushi in town! This swanky upscale restaurant from renowned Nobu Matshisa, is where you go for the freshest sushi, as well as their famous Matustinis. Yum! Doesn’t get any better than this!” – Rollie Jordan, Kentwood Cherry Creek

The posh Cherry Creek outpost of Matsuhisa opened to great reviews and brought chef Nobu’s upscale Japanese cuisine to Denver. Lunch service is expected to be added in July.

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