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Broncos StadiumAfter a long hot summer, the temperatures are finally starting to simmer down. With the start of Fall come many of our favorite things, including, of course, the colors! On the streets, in restaurants, at the malls — everywhere you look — there are vibrant oranges and boisterous blues. Blues? We’re talking about Broncos colors. What did you think we were talking about, Aspen?


Green Bay might have its Packers and Dallas has their Cowboys, but there is arguably no marriage in all of football more monogamous than the Denver Broncos Football Club and its loyal fans.


Admittedly, it’s been a few years since over a million of us lined the streets of downtown and roared as Von and Emanuel lifted that shining Super Bowl trophy. Well, word around training camps league-wide is the Broncos have weathered their years out in the cold and John Elway has assembled a squad that’s ready for prime time again. With new coach Vic Fangio at the helm, these Broncos could be more lethal than ‘Bluecifer’ out at the airport.


Here’s the thing, unless you’re ready to plunk down your Platinum Card on SeatGeek.com, or perhaps you married into a Broncos family for ulterior motives, getting to watch a game in the stadium might be next to impossible. And with roughly 84,000 people in line for season seats, we thought we’d offer up a few other ideas for watching your boys romp over those pathetic Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs.


For those who are new in town (and boy are there a lot of you!), any list like this starts with the Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek. Yes, there are like a zillion toppings for your burger. Stoney’s is another favorite. We’re partial to the one in Uptown, although if you hang out at Stoney’s South in Golden Triangle after the game you might be able to catch some great live blues after the game.


In LoDo, you can never go wrong with Society Sports and Spirits. Whisky Tango Foxtrot down the block from Coors serves up a mean burger on an English Muffin. Down on South Broadway there’s the one and only Brutal Poodle. Come on, admit it, just saying the name puts a smile on your face; so, will the fried chicken. On East Colfax you’ve got the Elm and on West Colfax, the Original Brooklyn. If you’re near Wash Park and/or something a little less nutty is what you have in mind, especially if you’ve got the kiddos in tow, try out Homegrown Tap & Dough. Yes, it was an intentional rhyme, we stand accused.


If something farther south is what you’re looking for, check out the View House in Greenwood Village. It’s so rocking you’ll feel like you’re at the game. Did we mention Finn McCool’s in Centennial has wings that are to die for? You may have heard Lodo’s Bar & Grill is a good spot, and you’re right. But please note, it isn’t in LoDo, it’s in Highlands Ranch. Not to be confused with the Highlands.


There were easily another thirty spots we could have mentioned, so, after you’ve watched a few seasons worth of games at these spots, check back in and maybe we’ll have whipped up the energy to write another blog. Oh, and don’t forget the new name of the Bronco’s home field is now “Empower Field at Mile High,” and will continue to be so for the next 21 years until 2039.

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