Get Your Patio Ready for Summer

PatioA backyard patio is the perfect place to escape the summer heat, lounge on a sunny weekend day, or have some friends over for a BBQ. But it’s been nearly a year since you’ve really used your patio and it’s likely in need of some attention. Here are a few simple ways you can get your patio ready for summer!

Clean Up

Before diving in to any other patio projects, you’ll want to start with an initial clean up of your outdoor space. If you have a large concrete patio, use a pressure washer to blast away the dirt and grime that has built up over the long months. If you have a different surface you may want to use a broom and mop instead. Either way you will want to wash off all your surfaces and start fresh. This will also help you see any areas that may need a little extra attention, like cracks in the brick or wood foundation.

Take a close look at your exterior windows and patio doors, they may need some sprucing up too. This is a wonderful time to weatherize your windows and doors and ensure that they are working properly. Also make sure to wash off any furniture that you plan on using throughout the summer. You can pressure wash these too or you can choose to wash them with soapy water. Don’t make your guests sit in dirt and mildew all summer long!

Chances are you haven’t been using your grill all winter long. So you’ll need to get out a good cleaner and scrub away! Mildew and other bacteria can grow over the winter resulting in a gross, unusable BBQ. But luckily all it takes is a little TLC to bring it back to life. Then you’ll be ready to grill up some delicious summer meals for your guests.

Tend to Your Lawn and Garden

You’ve likely been ignoring your outdoor plants, gardens, and lawn during the colder months. Now that everything is beginning to dry out, you’ll notice dead leaves strewn throughout your yard and flower beds. There may be weeds growing in, and chances are your lawn could use a good trim. It’s time to start getting those flower beds back to looking beautiful! Pull some weeds, trim away some bare branches, and add some seasonal color. Different plants needs different amounts of pruning and at different times of the year. So be sure to know which of your plants need what type of attention before you accidentally kill something in a spring cleaning frenzy!

Create a Gathering Space

Just like the inside of your house, you want your backyard to feel welcoming. Especially if you plan on spending lots of time enjoying the sun out there, or if you want to host a party or two throughout the summer. Creating one or two gathering spaces gives people a reason to lounge in the yard and enjoy all of your hard work on the flowers. And will also keep them from lingering awkwardly which looking for a place to enjoy the party.

Incorporate Summer Colors

Color can make all the difference when it comes to a summer party. Color will brighten up the space and give it a touch of personality. Pillows, rugs, cushions, and furniture are all easy ways to color your patio and improve comfort. Rugs bring an added element of comfort on particularly hot days – you won’t have to deal with a blistering hot deck and even barefoot guests will be comfortable. Flowers and yard art are other ways to bring depth and color to your outdoor space.

Get Creative With Lighting

Once the sun goes down you will want to have ample lighting so your guests can easily find their way around and admire your decorated patio. Lanterns are a unique and easy way to add some light and can be placed almost anywhere. You can hang them in trees near the seating area or put them near the bar. Outdoor string lights are another option that help create a whimsical atmosphere and impress your guests!

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