Tom Cryer | Featured Agent

Tom Cryer

Tom Cryer | Featured Agent


I was born and spent through 8th grade in Lutherville, Maryland. My first recollection of the telephone was we had a “party-line”. We had to drive past Maryvale School for Girls to get to mine, St. Paul’s School for Boys. Those were the days, school uniforms!

What Is One Special Thing About the Place You Grew Up?

Nothing but fields, woods, streams, and hideouts. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn would have been jealous. In my eyes it was perfect.

What Was You First Job?

Raking leaves and mowing yards. But I would say having my own paper route was my first real job. I still wake up early. Scarred for life!


Family, skiing, hiking, walking, cooking, and my Land Rover. “I’d rather push my Land Rover than ride in your Jeep.”

Describe Yourself In 5 Words:

Loyal, Pragmatic, Tenacious, Happy and an Open-Book

Favorite Colorado Past-time:

I love road trips; Colorado offers some of the best. Colorado’s history is important to me.

Favorite Place to Grab a Drink:

Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub in Littleton, Colorado.

One Unusual Thing About You:

I’m a 2%-er. 1%-er if you count the fact that I have blue eyes too. Being a redhead has set me apart in almost every room I enter.  Redheads never die, they just fade away…

In What Ways Are You Involved in Your Community?

I serve on the City of Centennial’s Election Commission. I’ve been President of my HOA for the last 10 years. I can highly recommend Centennial 101, South Metro’s Fire and Rescue Citizen’s Academy and the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Citizens Academy. Knowing how your government and related services operate explains where your taxes go.

I also spend a fair amount of time with the Daniels School of Business DU.  Long story…

Who Inspires You?

My family and friends. I’m not much for putting celebrity or politico on pedestals.

What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment and Why?

Watching my wife write that last tuition check for the last of our children knowing we had accomplished our #1 goal. Provide a world class education for our 3 children. We sent our Children to Duke, Notre Dame, and DU. I think we succeeded!

How Do You Define Success?

Next to the “meaning of life” success is tough to define. In my own mind, I’ve achieved it. I live where I want to live, my children and now grandchildren are nearby. I have a lovely wife of 36 years. I have some great friends. I’ve traveled to a bunch of countries. I’ve been Heli-Skiing. I’ve driven over Black Bear Pass twice. I’ve climbed 15 or more 14ers. I’ve been to all but 3 states.  And, I have a sense of contentment when the market drops 500 points in a day, I don’t flinch. It’s a good life!

What Career Path Would You Have Chosen If You Didn’t Become a Real Estate Broker?

I have two material loves. I like houses and I like cars. I wasn’t going to be a car salesman. I probably would have been involved in construction. I’m happy with my choices.

If You Could Master Any Skill That You Don’t Currently Have, What Would It Be and Why?

I wish I was as brave as I was when I was younger and could still ski as hard as I did then. It would be great to ride a bicycle as fast as Dee.

What Is the Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Ever Done?

There have been so many. At the time, this was crazy! Two of my college buddies and I drove to California on our Spring Break. On the way back, we stopped off at the Havasu Indian Reservation and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camped two nights at Havasu Falls. Google it. At that time and at that age, it was the epitome of paradise! Now I think it is some type of Eco-Tour.

If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Who Would It Be and Why?

Just one? Really? OK, let’s see. My father and brother, both passed now, would be top of my list. They meant so much to me. And, I know my mother would have loved to meet her great grandchildren, so I’d have to include her too!

What Is Your Favorite Family Tradition?

We’ll be living it next week. Everyone in the Fam for a few days around the holidays talking about it all. Games, food, and skiing. Nestled in a house in Vail. Like I said above, they inspire me.  My children made me a better person. Life is for the living!

What’s the Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To? What Made It So Special?

I would have to say Jethro Tull at Red Rocks 1971. I’m still not sure what happened, but helicopters, police, tear gas. Read about it – Denver History! There was no Rock-n-Roll for 5 years after this incident at Red Rocks, at the time, this was crazy punishment.

With all that said, I attended memorable concerts such as The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Bob Dylan and the Band, Steven Stills, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh, Pointer Sisters, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks and most recently, for some reason, I had never seen Tom Petty. The kids gave me the tickets for my birthday. Dee and I wound up on the 4th row and two months later, Tom Petty was dead. That truly was a “Heartbreaker”.

If You Could Live in A Book, TV Show, Or Movie What Would It Be and Why?

This is the easiest question of all. I would be John Galt in Atlas Shrugged. I love being the guy behind the scenes making it all look so easy! Who is John Galt?

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