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National Sandwich DayThe sandwich is arguably America’s most popular lunch item. So, it makes complete sense that we have an entire day honoring this most delectable dish. Whether you prefer yours slathered with mayo or mustard or stacked between sour dough or rye, National Sandwich Day gives us all a reason to celebrate our own way! Below are a few of our favorite places to satisfy our hoagie cravings.

Vert Kitchen

“Vert is small and tucked away in Wash Park, but it’s been around for years and is wildly popular by those who know it. The restaurant was created by a chef who went to culinary school in Paris, and it shows. The BLT at Vert is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had!” – Beth Anne Davis, Kentwood DTC

“Delicious, organic, and locally sourced ingredients for lunch and brunch. Real cooking and healthy eating.” – Annzo Phelps, Kentwood DTC

The Bagel Deli & Restaurant

“First of all, The Bagel Deli was featured on Triple D –  Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Real people making real dishes everyday all day. Good food at reasonable prices attracts a crowd of regulars making people watching fun too! The Bagel Deli has been around for 50+ years. I love it!” – Tom Cryer, Kentwood DTC

“I like Backcountry Deli in Belleview Station. They have a great curried chicken salad. Curtis Park Deli is great too, for a more traditional sandwich.” – Gretchen Rosenberg, President & CEO of Kentwood Real Estate

The Cheese Company

“My son Barry has been getting the #1 on sour dough with turkey and provolone at least once a week since he was a little boy practicing sports at nearby Robinson Park. My personal favorite is the turkey and brie on dark rye with honey mustard. The owner is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, and we love the neighborhood “Cheers-like” feel where everyone knows your name. She knows your kids, she knows you, and she serves up sandwiches with a smile! She also keeps a card on file with your name on it that rewards free sandwiches.” – Jennifer Dechtman, Kentwood DTC

Even Stevens

“I love Even Stevens! They have great craft-casual sandwiches and salads, plus they donate a sandwich to a local non-profit for every sandwich they sell!” – Sara Galze, Kentwood City Properties

Even Stevens is a wonderful sandwich shop with a give back program as well.  They do good and serve wonderful food!” – Nancy Walters, Kentwood DTC

Backcountry Delicatessen

“The Sandwich – The Turkey Ridgeline in a wrap. There is an abundance of yummy turkey and the perfect pairing of avocado and crispy bacon making it the most savory sandwich ever. It’s literally our team’s go-to whenever we eat in the office.” – Stacy Neir, Kentwood City Properties

The Market

My favorite sandwich is the Hot Turkey/ Thanksgiving. I love this sandwich because I love Thanksgiving food and it’s available all year round! The market also boasts a wonderful bakery and coffee bar and is great for people watching as it’s right downtown and always bustling.” – Sarah Clark, Kentwood City Properties

T-Street Roadhouse

“I was in Belmar and strolled into The T-Street Roadhouse. I decided to order the Prime Dip, and when it was delivered to my table I was wide eyed at the mountain of sandwich goodness. You could barely fit it in the au ju dipping bowl! This sandwich corrected my Monday. Go here!” – Steve Chezik, Kentwood Graphic Designer

Rocky Mountain Bagel Works

“When I was going to Colorado State in Fort Collins, Rocky Mountain Bagel Works was a staple in my diet. They offer everything from bagels with spreads, to pizza bagels, and breakfast and lunch bagel sandwiches. Just thinking about the veggie pizza bagel makes my mouth water!” – Mara Calomino, Social Media Coordinator

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