Top 8 Bathroom Remodel Trends

White Double Sink On Wood Counter With A Round Mirror Hanging AbIf you are building a home or simply undertaking a bathroom remodel, there are several trends that tend to get the spotlight right now. These trends are getting bolder and more exciting than ever before, taking elements from past bathroom trends and blending them together to create something new and beautiful for the modern home. In this article, we’re going to look at 8 different bathroom trends that will get your exciting about creating a new space.

Bold Walls

One of the newest and biggest trends in bathroom updates for the modern home is bolder walls. These walls are usually done with bright and spectacular colors, making them stand out against neutral tiles, counter-tops, cabinets, and more. Bold wall colors usually consist of navy blues, bright reds or even coral pinks. The bolder the wall, the better. Some people even take the idea and make a bold accent wall to complete their home decorating in the bathroom.

Textured Materials

While smoother materials used to be in, more texture is coming back into the spotlight with bathroom design. Materials like tiles, cabinets, and counter-tops are all being made with more texture than ever. The rougher the materials, the more popular they are in the modern home right now. These materials are usually done in a neutral color like cool grays, tans, and a mixture of colors. Most people use these textured items to tile their shower, finish off the counter-top, or even the floor.

Handy Storage

Part of having a great bathroom space is having storage that is both stylish and functional. Storage is something that all bathrooms need. The modern bathroom takes storage seriously, but it does it in a way that makes it less obvious. Gone are the days of the racks standing over the toilet. Instead, many people are creating storage through larger cabinets and vanities, storage beside the shower, and more. Some tubs are even made with small cabinets beneath them for towel and cloth storage, especially if the bathtub is used often.

Sink Options

One modern bathroom trend starting to hit the spotlight is stone sinks. These sinks have an outdoor and classy feel that many people are starting to employ. Since the trend of textured materials is starting to make a huge comeback, the sink is set to follow closely. Many modern homes are updating and building bathrooms with stone type sinks that look amazing in these nature-like bathroom designs.

Cabinet Updates

For those who already have a bathroom intact, one trend that renovators are starting to check out is cabinet updates. These updates typically involve things like fresh coats of paint and even fresh cabinets altogether. One major trend, which is opposite of the bold walls, is bolder cabinets. Many homeowners are painting their cabinets a dark blue or even a deep red hue to provide some sort of break in the monotony.

Music Media

For those who love music, a new trend is starting to emerge that has everyone tapping their toes while they get ready in the morning. Many people are starting to build bathrooms with Bluetooth speakers or a sound system allowing you to play your favorite tunes while you bathe, shower, and even brush your teeth. Music updates are one of the most exciting trends in bathroom updates right now. With so many people already using speakers in the bathroom to incorporate music, this could be a long living trend that keeps going for several years. Who knows, we might even see more waterproof options in the future.

Updated Tiles

Just a few years ago, subway tiles used to be the biggest hit in bathroom renovations and building. Everyone wanted subway tiles. However, with the rise in the texture materials, many people are choosing to go with textured stone types of tiles for their showers and bathrooms. The textures aren’t the only thing making a big splash in the bathroom. Textured floor tiles are also set to be huge, and patterned tiles in the shower are going to be a big change from the smooth, single color tiles in the bathroom.

Mixing Materials

Bathrooms of the past seemed to be focused on single materials for the entire bathroom. This mean that people had bathrooms with the same color tiles on the floor, tiles in the shower, bathtub, toilet, sink, and counter-top. There was little change other than the cabinet color and the wall color. However, the modern bathroom mixed up the materials like stone, brick, and more to give the bathroom a new sense of texture that more closely resembles nature.

If you are planning to build a house or renovate your current home, chances are, you are going to focus on the bathroom at some point. Luckily, there are many new trends that are creating new and exciting options in the bathroom. No longer are people avoiding the bathroom updates. They are now finding ways to create a bolder and better bathroom than ever before.

By Caryl Anne Crowne a contributing author for ReBath

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