Denver’s Best Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods

Denver Trick-or-treating neighborhoodsThe best trick-or-treating neighborhoods are not necessarily the most affluent ones, although we don’t deny that can play a significant role. Actually, trick-or-treat experts have a tried and true method to determine which areas hand out the best stash. The technique looks at home values, the number of kids 10 and under, and higher volume of homes – meaning less walking while you’re going door to door. So, this Halloween take your kids straight to the neighborhoods that are bringing their trick-or-treat A Game!

Top Trick-Or-Treating Neighborhoods

Congress Park

Being such a populated area, you’ll be able to hit multiple homes in a short amount of time. Less time between houses equals more candy! Adorned in decorations, the homes here are part of what makes Congress Park a local favorite for the holiday. With the streets full of pint size ghosts and ghouls, and the houses festooned with the spooky spirit, Congress Park looks like a scene straight out of a movie.

Cory Merrill

Cory Merrill is one of Denver’s top neighborhoods for trick-or-treating, coming in at the number one spot year after year. Not only is it a great place for kids to stock up on candy, but it’s also neighborhood custom to pass out drinks for their adult escorts. Legend has it, there has even been a taco truck spotted serving up treats to the monsters and mutants prowling the block!

Country Club

With only around 400 homes in the entire neighborhood, Country Club is one of the smallest on our list. But it’s also one of the wealthiest. If the popular theory is correct, that means candy stockpiles here are sure to beat other neighborhoods by a landslide. Country Club earns extra points for being conveniently located to a few other communities on our list. You will enjoy the walk in this beautiful neighborhood as you make your way to Congress Park or Washington Park.


If the assumption is neighborhoods with higher incomes give out more candy, then being one of Denver’s wealthiest communities makes Hilltop a trick-or-treat gold mine. Bigger and better candy abound! You might even get lucky and snag a king-sized candy bar, every trick-or-treater’s Holy Grail. Also, be on the lookout for the Annual Hilltop Halloween Parade, which usually takes place in Cranmer Park the weekend before Halloween.


Meadowlark is a Lakewood neighborhood that sits just south of 6th Avenue West between Garrison and Carr, making it more central to the metro area than the other communities on our list. Within just a mile of this neighborhood, there are four different schools. Therefore, you can trust that the community is family-friendly, and that there will be more than enough porch lights on to top you bag with candy.


In terms of location, Stapleton is the outlier of this group. But don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t worth your while. This neighborhood’s Halloween spirit can only be described as a giant costume party with copious amounts of candy be handed out. Safe streets, friendly people, and grand decorations make for a true Halloween mecca.

Washington Park

Wash Park is a beautiful neighborhood with stunning homes, all of which will be decorated with supreme spectral spirit! Like Congress Park, it’s a neighborhood with lots of homes near each other. Which means you will maximize your candy-to-walking ratio! It’s a popular place for Halloween so you are sure to run into lots of other kids and parents while you’re out.


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