Planting Wildflowers in Your Garden

Plating WildflowersPlanting wildflowers can seem like a risk in landscaping. But there is a way to plant and organize them without them taking over your outdoor living area. Check out these tips for adding wildflowers to your landscaping in the Denver area.

Choose A Sunny Spot

Creating a sunny and meadow-like spot in your garden is an ideal place to grow wildflowers. Choose an area in your garden that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Consider a bare patch that has little irrigation. Wildflowers are hardy and able to survive in even the harshest conditions. Another idea is to create a row of wildflowers as a border between two spaces or even create an island of wildflowers. You can even use feathered wild grasses sporadically, creating a luxurious lawn to have to look like an uninhabited woodland area.

Plant After Frost

Any time after the last Colorado frost is a great time to sow wildflower seeds. The seeds usually germinate quickly and can grow in warm weather after the danger of frost has passed. New patches of seeds will need some light watering a few times a week until they take hold. Choose one type of seed for a patch of the same colored flowers. Or consider using a variety mix that will create an interesting and diverse look in your garden.

Be Prepared For Losses

If you have a lot of fluttering activity in your neighborhood, don’t be surprised when birds decide to feast on newly thrown wildflower seeds. Neighborhood squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks may also decide to stop by a freshly sown wildflower patch for some food. Consider lightly sowing seeds into the dirt, no more than 1/16”, in order to minimize the risk of losing your entire wildflower patch to area birds and wildlife.

Choose Native Wildflowers

There are plenty of wildflower mixes available, but choosing those wildflowers that already do well in the Denver climate will help to create a balanced outdoor living area. Popular Denver wildflowers include Scarlet Paintbrush, Bittercress, and Alpine Sunflowers. Using native wildflower varieties will keep your outdoor living space in tune with the environment as well as support local pollinators that thrive on wildflower nectar.

Choose Annual or Perennial

Most Denver homeowners are reluctant to plant wildflowers in their garden due to the thought that they will take over the entire yard. This is a valid point as many perennial wildflowers will do their best to spread out over a few years. However, planting annual wildflowers is a good way to keep your garden looking tidy as the flowers will only last one season. Planting a row of annual wildflowers is a great way to see if you like the look of wildflowers in your garden. And it gives you the chance to change the variety year after year.

Adding wildflowers to your garden is important in helping to support the local environment. Choose annual wildflowers to begin with if you want to add them in a concentrated or small area. Other homeowners may choose to fill in a bare patch of their garden with a meadow of wildflowers. Plant seeds after the last frost and be prepared for some losses to neighborhood wildlife. Enjoy the natural beauty of wildflowers in your outdoor living area for a naturally luscious garden.

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