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When it comes to concocting creative craft beers, Colorado reigns supreme. With over 150 craft breweries located in the Denver area alone, there is no shortage of places to wet your whistle.

Like any good Colorado local, here at Kentwood we enjoy indulging in a refreshing brew. And while our favorites may not even begin to cover the vast sea of Colorado beers to be had, it will at least give you a good place to dip your toes in!

Lone Tree Brewery

Location: 8200 Park Meadows Drive #8222

Why We Love It:

“The best pale ale in town (available only at the brewery – drink it there or bring it home in a growler!) And the Peach Pale Ale with just a hint of peach makes it the perfect ‘go-to beer’ for the pool all the summer long.” – Christopher Howey, Kentwood DTC

Lone Tree Brewing | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Cerebral Brewing

Location: 1477 Monroe Street

Why We Love It:

“Cerebral Brewing offers quality, delicious, balanced beers across the board! You can’t go wrong.” – J. Garland Thurman, Kentwood DTC

Cerebral Brewing | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Station 26 Brewing

Location: 7045 East 38th Avenue

Why We Love It:

“I love how Station 26 is a refurbished Denver fire station. The patio is perfect for an afternoon happy hour and the food truck rotation keeps things fresh! My favorite beer is the American Copper. ” – Jaryd Takushi, Kentwood City Properties

“I’m not into fruity beers but their Tangerine Cream is a dream! And they have the perfect patio to hang out under come summer time. Ratio and Denver Beer Co. are also two of my favorites.” – Keri Duffy, Kentwood Cherry Creek

Station 26 | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Trve Brewing

Location: 227 Broadway #101

Why We Love It:

“Trve has some seriously phenomenal kettle soured beers!” – J. Garland Thurman, Kentwood DTC

Trve Brewing | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Renegade Brewing

Location: 925 West 9th Avenue 

Why We Love It:

“They hooked me years ago with The Beetnik – the fall ale they create. It’s the color of a beet with the taste of a french saison. If you miss this, you can’t go wrong with the Consilium – it’s easy drinkin’ – great patio, too! They have all kinds of seasonal beers and small batch beers they make – they always leave me guessing and I like that.” – Sarah Clark, Kentwood City Properties

Renegade | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Black Project

Location: 1290 South Broadway A51

Why We Love It:

“Every Black Project beer is fermented with microbes captured from the local environment via a coolship or foraged from nature.” – J. Garland Thurman, Kentwood DTC

Black Project | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Coors Brewing

Location: 13th & Ford Street

Why We Love It:

“I love frequenting any new hotspot and although I am always willing to try a new micro-beer or any trusty flavor at Denver Beer Company, I love that I can get a Coors Light just about anywhere – divey or fancy! Maybe it is because I grew up in Golden, but Coors Light will always be my go-to!” – Amanda Fein, Kentwood Cherry Creek

Coors | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Cafe Pargue

Location: 209 Bear Creek Avenue

Why We Love It

“Having been to Prague twice now, my wife and I found this crazy little place in Morrison with a real Beer Garden. It’s a great place to stop in before or after Red Rocks, a hike, or just to have a drink! It has my favorite Czech Beer on tap, Pilsner Urquell. So, Cafe Prague it is! Beware the Plumb Brandy!” – Tom Cryer, Kentwood DTC

Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Declaration Brewing

Location: 3917, 2030 South Cherokee Street

Why We Love It:

“Declaration Brewery is my personal favorite with tons of beers on tap, appealing to the full gamut of beer drinkers. I think my favorite thing about them is that they aren’t afraid to try the different, not-so-typical combinations that invites you stray from your typical favorite. Their seasonal High Class Horchata is my personal favorite but I can honestly say I haven’t been disappointed by a single one of their beers. I would kick myself if I didn’t mention the huge selection of friendly staff, yard & board games, live music, and the daily rotation of solid food trucks.” – Brittany Ouzts, Kentwood Art Director

Declaration | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

Two22 Brew

Location: 4550 South Reservoir Road

Why We Love It:

“Two22 Brew in Aurora not only has tasty brew’s, but their “Brew Charitably” philosophy means you can feel good about drinking while drinking good beer! Between their monthly charity night and their commitment to donating $2.22 for every $10 of profit to Colorado charities, there’s no better place to grab a pint and enjoy a summer evening on their (dog friendly!) patio.” – Ashley Rosenberg, Kentwood Marketing Director

Two22 Brew | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

New Terrain

Location: 16401 Table Mountain Parkway

Why We Love It:

“New Terrain is the perfect brewery for the adventurous spirit. I guess that’s why I love it so much! It sits right up against North Table Mountain – the perfect location for a post mountain bike brew. The beer selection is stellar and ranges from the Mirage, a hoppy sour and my personal favorite, to the Mintnight Express, a mint-chocolate stout. I suggest trying one of the flight trees to taste everything they have to offer. Dogs are welcome and quite frankly, encouraged! They also offer a variety of events like live music and yoga.” – Mara Calomino, Social Media Coordinator

New Terrain | Best Breweries Around Denver

Best Breweries Around Denver

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