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Liz Richards


Chicago. IL

What Is One Special Thing About the Place You Grew Up?

The trees are massive and grand where I grew up. Big Oaks…. And fall lasts a good 4 months in the Midwest. It’s the only thing I miss…. But boy do I miss the “endless fall”.

Number of Years in Real Estate:



Skiing-cross country and downhill, tennis, travel, fashion, art and film

If You Could Master Any Skill That You Don’t Currently Have, What Would It Be and Why?

I would love to figure out how to be invisible. It would be great for gaining intel and insight. I’m working on it but still have a ways to go 😊

Describe Yourself In 5 Words:

Pretty intense and tenacious!

Favorite Colorado Past-time:

Red Rocks concert going – nothing is better. Skiing in Vail’s back bowls comes in a close 2nd.

Favorite Place to Grab a Drink:

The Bar at Potager and the Cooper Lounge tie as my favorites

One Unusual Thing About You:

I’m psychic

What Is One Item on Your Bucket List?

Travel to every country in the world.

What Is Your Proudest Accomplishment and Why?

The real estate business I have built. I have no family connections in Denver and started out in the business when I was new to Denver and had few friends and connections.

What Is the Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Ever Done?

At age 23 I flew to Paris on a one-way ticket…. Had little grasp of the language – managed to get a job and live there for 1 year. It was terrifying and exciting and very difficult at times. But I learned a ton.

If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Who Would It Be and Why?

My deceased grandfather – we never got to hang out. I only know him through stories – I think we would have hit it off. He was an adventurer and a true character.

What’s the Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To? What Made It So Special?

2017 Beck at Red Rocks. He is a genius. Best show ever…. Because it was Beck!!

If You Could Have Any Superpower What Would It Be and Why?

see above – being invisible would be the BEST.

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