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Here in Colorado we take our green chile seriously. We love to smother it on our burritos, drown our eggs in it, lather it on our burgers, or simply eat it up with a few tortillas on the side. Some people might say we have a problem, but we like to think of it as more of a passion.

With so many restaurants serving up their own version of green chile, it’s hard to determine just where Denver’s best green chile comes from. So we asked our Kentwood crew to share where they get their fix! Here’s what we came up with.

La Loma

Where: 1801 Broadway, Denver

About: La Loma began as a family-owned Mexican restaurant that eventually became a Denver staple. Their menu of Tex-Mex and Mexican favorites showcase the flavors of the Southwest, featuring award-winning dishes like their renowned green chili, signature margaritas, and fresh tortillas – which are made on display in the dining room.

Why We Love Them: “Their green chile is so good that I frequently like to buy some extra and bring it home with me!” – Barbara Henderson, Kentwood City Properties

Denver's Best Green Chile | La Loma

Denver’s Best Green Chile

Brewery Bar

Where: 150 Kalamath Street, Denver & 9228 Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree


Why We Love Them: “Brewery Bar South has amazing high test green chile!!! If you like it hot, this is the place to go.” – Dee Chirafisi, Kentwood City Properties

“The Brewery Bars have been my go-to when my taste buds crave green chile. The original on Kalamath and the “newer” location out in Lone Tree both have that chunky green chile that I like.” – Thomas Cryer, Kentwood DTC

“My favorite green chile comes from the Brewery Bar II.  I like their chile because it is super spicy with strong chile verde flavors!” – Jim Theye, Kentwood City Properties

Brewery Bars | Denver's Best Green Chile

Denver’s Best Green Chile

Tamales by La Casita

Where: 3561 Tejon Street, Denver

About: In 1975, Tamales by La Casita started making the Mile High traditional tamales in North Denver to nearly a cult following. Since then, thousands of  followers have enjoyed green, red, and vegetarian tamales, breakfast burritos, enchiladas, green chile, and many other delights!

Why We Love Them: “I love their vegetarian green chile tamales, I’ve been told their green chile is amazing and they have great beans too. Best part – the place is super affordable” – Keri Duffy, Kentwood Cherry Creek

Tamales La Casita | Denver's Best Green Chile

Denver’s Best Green Chile

Nick’s Garden Center & Farmer’s Market

Where: 2001 South Chambers Road, Aurora

About: Nick’s Garden Center & Farmer’s Market is a neighborhood nursery with everything plant and seed related, plus a farmer’s market with produce where the smell of roasting green chilies mingles with the fragrance of fresh flowers and peaty potting soil! 

Why We Love Them: “Nick’s Garden Center is like going to my grandparent’s garden. The staff is friendly and the selection of plants and flower pots are my favorite in town. The aroma of the roasting green chile always takes me back to my childhood home where we would gather with neighbors and family in our backyard for roasting parties.” – Nancy Walters, Kentwood DTC

Nick's Garden Center | Denver's Best Green Chile

Denver’s Best Green Chile

Cherry Cricket

Where: 2641 East 2nd Avenue, Denver

About: The Cherry Cricket is a Denver homegrown restaurant. People are known to travel from far and wide just to get a taste of what their cooking up. They come for the food and stay for the casual neighborhood vibe and mix of blue-collar and white-collar clientele.  

Why We Love Them: “Cherry Cricket is legendary for its epic green chile – even more than for their burgers and Fries!” – Rollie Jordan, Kentwood Cherry Creek

Cherry Cricket | Denver's Best Green Chile

Denver’s Best Green Chile

Javier’s Diner

Where: 3801 Tennyson Street, Denver

About: Javier’s Diner, located in the Highlands, offers scrumptious home cooked flavor through quality ingredients and secret family recipes. Javier’s serves up some of Denver’s most delicious breakfast food – there is a reason this restaurant is always packed during breakfast and lunch!

Why We Love Them: “Javier’s home-made green chile is hands down some of the best in town. I love my green chile spicy and Javier’s always delivers. The best part is, all their green chile is vegetarian! And finding a Mexican restaurant that serves quality vegetarian green chile is no easy task. ” – Mara Calomino, Social Media Coordinator

Javier's Diner | Denver's Best Green Chile

Denver’s Best Green Chile

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