5 Backyard Trends of 2017

Creating the perfect backyard paradise can be a slow-moving task, especially when backyard trends are constantly changing. Furniture, color, and design all determine the atmosphere of your outdoor living space. But if you incorporate these five design trends, we promise your backyard will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Bringing the Indoors Out

More and more, outdoor furniture has evolved to mimic indoor furniture. Thanks to new materials that are durable, fade-resistant, and water-proof yet comfortable, it’s easier than ever to bring the grandeur of the indoors to the patio. Wicker chairs are being traded in for plush sofas and upholstered ottomans.

Another element of the indoors that we see rising in patio popularity are outdoor kitchens, which are simultaneously becoming more complex. Beer taps, fire pits, multiple cooking surfaces, refrigerators, you name it, people are accessorizing their patios with it!

Cool Coastal Colors

While incorporating natural elements into outdoor furniture has always been popular, this year we are seeing an increase of people trying to bring the beach to their backyard. Tropical hues and ocean blues remind us of the crystalline waves and sand worn structures of the coast. This nature-inspired look can create a feeling of peace and serenity or can also be bold, incorporating statement colors such as yellow and orange. Along with a backdrop of abundant plant life, this look creates a simple, yet refreshing atmosphere.

Grow It Yourself

The grow-it-yourself movement has boomed in popularity recently making vegetable and herb gardens more common than ever. Edible gardens not only give gardeners a bountiful harvest (helping them to save on their grocery bill), but also have the potential to create a community as urban farmers share their bounty with their neighborhoods. Growing your own healthy food, nurturing a relaxing hobby, and having a reason to get outdoors, what could be better?!

Natural Materials

This year, homeowners are setting aside the minimalist hard-scaping materials, furniture, and design. And instead, have a renewed sense of interest in natural materials with less geometric design. Rather than clean and modern, people are opting for a more old-fashion, DIY look in their gardens and patios. Rattan and Teak are perfect for a more rustic, rural feel. And materials like wood and stone are gaining popularity for the built elements of gardens.

Color Blockings

Adapted from the world of women’s fashion, color blocking is about highlighting and framing a specific plant or area of the yard. For instance, a splash of color on a wall can frame a row of potted plants. In the absence of a wall, you can use a solid color rub or porch curtains to create the same effect. Not only is it fun, it can easily be inexpensive too!

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