Create A Sanctuary Space At Home

Why Create A Sanctuary Space?

Having a space to call your own can help you hold on to a bit of sanity at the end, or beginning, of a hectic day. It can help you maintain perspective and allows time and space to respond to situations in a manner which aligns with your life goals. You can escape the stimulation of being social and have more energy and resources to focus on you.

Sanctuary Space


The first step to clearing your home of stagnant energy is to get rid of the clutter. Maybe you’ve put it off for too long or collected more clutter than you realized. Initially, this step may be the hardest but in the end, it will be well worth the work!

Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in years, papers/documents you’ve been saving for “just in case”, art you don’t like but feel guilty throwing out. Recycle, re-gift, or donate it all! Get rid of that built-up stress and be on the way to creating a sanctuary space.

Create A Corner Of Calm

Although our homes are an escape from the world, we rarely have a space in them to call our own. While your home is place of freedom and togetherness, everyone needs an area removed from the commotion in which they can think.

Designate an entire room, unused bedroom, a shed in your backyard, or even an actual corner as yours. The idea is to create a psychological space between your sanctuary space and the rest of the house. A place where you can draw, write, play music, knit, meditate, do yoga or simply unwind.

Define The Space

Not only will you want to define the space in your mind, but also physically. Think about what your sanctuary means to you. What activities will you be doing? How do you want it to make you feel? After you’ve come up with those answers, you can start creating!


The color scheme you choose to decorate with will have a large impact on defining your space. Colors are often associated with people’s emotions and have been shown to influence a person’s mental and physical state.

Shades of purple are often associated with wisdom, spirituality, and imagination. If you want your sanctuary space to be a place of creativity use purple. Blues and greens can evoke calm, serene, and tranquil feelings to help create a more peaceful environment. If you want to go with something more stimulating and energetic, incorporate hues of red, orange or yellow.

Sanctuary Space | Colors


Lighting is essential to setting the mood in your sanctuary space. Light can affect our productivity, concentration, and decision making skills. Spending too much time in harsh artificial lights can cause us to become anxious and uneasy. In some cases, it can even trigger depression. Natural light, on the other hand, can be just as illuminating, is refreshing, and enhances productivity. Dimming the lights as the evening progresses will slowly allow your body to unwind.

Sanctuary Space | Natural Light

Bring The Outdoors Inside

A few well-placed house plants can not only brighten up your space, but can also help create a relaxing ambiance while purifying the air. Spending time is nature has also been shown to reduce levels of stress. So try adding some greenery to your sanctuary space for a little dose of Zen.

Try placing an Aloe Plant on a desk or windowsill. The Aloe Plant has healing properties for burns or cuts, but can also help purify the air from harmful cleaning chemicals. If you’re looking for something low maintenance that can easily fit into a corner, a Snake Plant is the way to go. They don’t need much light or water to survive and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, rather than during the day like most plants. Red-edged Dracaena is wonderful if you want to add a bit of beauty and vibrancy to your space. It’s also wonderful for removing toxins.

Sanctuary Space | House Plants


There should be an element of familiarity in your sanctuary, therefore decorate it with the things that you truly love. Hang up your favorite piece of art work, display photos of your loved ones, or indulge your sweet tooth while you’re there. Maybe you’d rather sit on a floor covered in throw pillows instead of a chair. The point is to create a space that you look forward to being in every day. But remember to keep it simple, you don’t want to wind up with a sanctuary space that feels cluttered.

Sanctuary Space | Comfort


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