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Take a quick stroll through Sunnyside and you will happen upon quaint neighborhood eateries, local farmer’s markets, up-and-coming craft breweries, chic boutiques, and so much more. With a wonderful variety of accessible amenities and events geared toward locals, this is a neighborhood on the verge. Secluded tree-lined streets, inviting front porches, and proximity to many popular areas also contribute to the appeal of up-and-coming community.

Sunnyside’s Vibe

There is something about the eclectic charm and urban convenience of Sunnyside that lures people in. This historic neighborhood is exactly what you would imagine a picturesque suburban neighborhood to be. On any given day, you can find children playing outdoors, neighbors chatting, and people biking down the streets.  The area is home to a few large parks including Columbus Park, Chaffee Park, Cianco Park, and the park on 46th & Pecos. These are wonderful places to bring the family, sit in the shade, and enjoy a picnic. In fact, the homes in Sunnyside are all located within half a mile of a park!

Many renowned food staples of Denver got their start in Sunnyside. And other well-known Denver figures are looking to make a name for themselves in the area. Chubby’s Original Mexican Food (arguably Denver’s most famous Mexican dive restaurant) has been serving food there for decades and recently built a new eatery behind the original. Another local chain, Common Grounds Coffeehouse, has transformed their flag-ship roastery in the neighborhood into a full-service coffee shop with a patio where you can watch the coffee beans get sorted. Jesse Morreale, a prominent Denver restauranteur, is looking to bring in new eateries and store opening to the 38th Avenue corridor of the neighborhood, so be on the look-out!

Looking to the future, Sunnyside residents are expecting big things with a new light rail station coming soon to 41st & Fox, which will likely spur on more even more development and revitalization.

Sunnyside’s History

The Highland area originated when Denver’s founder, William H. Larimer Jr., waded across the Platte River searching for higher ground on the bluffs of North Denver. Sunnyside, along with Berkeley Lake, Potter Highlands, Sloan’s Lake, and West Highlands, were formed as Denver’s original neighborhoods.

Recently, the area has experienced a revitalization due to new developments, an influx of businesses, and residents moving away from the Highlands. But there was a time where taking up residence east of Federal in North Denver was considered undesirable. The recession of the 1980’s hit the Sunnyside neighborhood hard; property values plummeted while crime rates sky rocketed. At one point, potential home-buyers were even being advised not to buy homes in this area.

In 1989, The Sunnyside United Neighbors, Inc. (SUNI) was created to help put the area back on it’s feet. During the recession, the organization worked hard to create and promote a positive image of the community, as well as encouraged the involvement and participation of as many residents as possible to take pride in the neighborhood.

Thanks to SUNI’s hard work, combined with the popularity of the Highlands, Sunnyside is currently a thriving neighborhood that and has become a haven for families and singles alike!

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