Berenice Bejarano | Featured Agent

Berenice Bejarano


Berenice Bejarano, a leading real estate professional, has joined the top-producing team at Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek as a broker associate.  At her previous real estate company, Berenice garnered numerous awards for her sales production, including the number one producer distinction in a five-state region.  She is now serving the diverse real estate needs of clients throughout Cherry Creek and surrounding neighborhoods.

Berenice Bejarano | Featured Agent


Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Number Of Years In Real Estate

17 years


Reading and Working out

Favorite Thing To Do Colorado


Favorite Restaurant

Quality Italian – the best meal is the one you get to enjoy with the people you love.

If You Could Be Any Age For a Week, What Age Would You Be? Why?

The present, I am 46 and would not change it for anything.  I tried to enjoy every second of my life with the people I love.

Who Has Been The Greatest Influence Your Life?

My parents, they have always been there to guide and support me in every way throughout my life.

What Is One Item On Your Bucket List?

Meet the Dalai Lama

If You Could Travel In Time, Would You Travel To The Past or To The Future ? Why?

I would like to travel in the past and get a chance to spend more time with my loving grandfather.  He was an amazing charitable soul, self-made man, visionary, and creative.

If You Could Live In A Book, TV Show, Or Movie What Would It Be And Why?

“Don’t Know Much About History” By Kenneth C. Davis

Have You Ever Had A Nickname? What Was It?

BB or Bere

What Three Things Do You Think Of Most Each Day?

1- How Blessed I am and thank God every day 2- How I can be a better mom 3- How I can be a better person

Berenice Bejarano | Featured Agent

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