The Ultimate Colorado Bucket List

Here in Colorado every day is an adventure! We have enough escapades to fill up an entire calendar year. If you are new to Colorado and don’t know where to begin or even if you’re a native craving to learn all of Colorado’s ins and outs, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This list will take you all across Colorado and help you gain a sense of exactly what makes our state so unique.

Stand in Four Places at Once
Travel to the southwestern most point of Colorado and you will find the Four Corners Monument. The Four Corners is one of the most unique landmarks in the United States. It is the only place in the US where four states; Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, intersect at one point. Visiting such a far corner of Colorado can only mean one thing: road trip! While exploring the region you will find the largest concentration of National Parks in America, so be sure to take advantage of all this natural beauty while you’re there.

See a Movie at Film on the Rocks
Catching a movie at Red Rocks is an experience like no other. The movie line-up is always spectacular, playing classics such as The Big Lebowski, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club. As the sun sets, you’ll get to listen to comedians and local bands warm up the crowd before watching the main feature on a warm summer night in Colorado. If you think that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday night, then grab your friends, a blanket, some snacks and head for the hills!

Take a Dip in Conundrum Hot Springs
Each summer, the Conundrum Creek Trail draws thousands of hikers and campers all with the same goal of reaching the undeveloped hot springs at the top. While the 102 degree hot springs might be the main attraction, the hike is equally compelling, running through long stretches of level meadows, aspen forests and valley openings. The raw beauty of the mountain setting and quiet seclusion of the area makes this one of Colorado’s most unique adventures.

Watch a Broncos Game from the South Stands
Now that the Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl Champs, scoring tickets to a home game might be challenging, but that’s no excuse to not try! The South Stands are where Broncos tickets are treated like gold and season tickets are passed down from generation to generation. When you’re surrounded by a sea of blue and orange, cheering alongside exuberant fanatics you can’t help but to feel like you’re a member of the Denver Broncos family.

Attend The Great American Beer Festival
For beer aficionados everywhere, GABF is the mecca of all US beer festivals. Each year this festival represents the largest collection of US beer ever served in a public tasting event, with over 3,000 beers from 600 different US breweries. And the best part is that it takes place at Denver’s own Colorado Convention Center. If you are a craft beer lover in Colorado, scoring tickets to GABF is the ultimate rite of passage.

Go Sandboarding at the Great Sand Dunes
Colorado is home to the largest sandbox in North America, with over 30 square miles of dunes towering over 750 feet! There is no doubt you will experience a sense of wonder as you explore the 3 different ecosystems that the Sand Dunes play host to. Aside from the Dunes themselves, you can go four wheeling, camping, star-gazing, and even take a visit to the alligator farm located on the outskirts of the park. But be sure to pack the right gear, because with winds topping 40 miles per hour you may get sand in all the wrong places.

Eat The Original Chubby’s
Chubby’s is a staple of Mexican food here in Denver. You could even say it’s a household name. Don’t be turned off by the restaurants seedy appearance or lack of dining tables because the chili cheese fries are to die for and many would argue that they have the best green chili in town. Besides, where else will you get the chance to experience a Mexican hamburger smothered in green chili? So if you are ever in need of a greasy midnight snack, join the late night crowd lined around the block and find out what all the hype is about.

Spend a Day Touring Breweries
Denver’s craft beer culture has been thriving, putting Colorado microbreweries on the map. If you’re looking to get behind-the-scenes on some of these breweries, you can take a guided tour, of which there are many. Or if you are up for exploring Denver’s Breweries solo, you can rent a B-Cycle and work your way around to some of Colorado’s most infamous microbreweries including Great Divide, Denver Beer Co., or Crooked Stave. No matter which route you choose, you are sure to experience some of the best brews Denver has to offer.

Take a Ghost Tour at The Stanley Hotel
Take a trip up to Estes Park and explore the haunted history of the Stanley Hotel. Stories of paranormal activity on the first floor, in the concert hall, and guest rooms on the fourth floor began as early as 1970. The Stanley even served as the inspiration for horror novelist Stephen King’s The Shining. On top of the rumored hauntings, The Stanley Hotel is also known for its architecture and magnificent location. Located just 10 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, this is a great place to take a weekend getaway.

Dress Up for a Denver Cruiser’s Ride
“Blessed be the Hump Day – the day of the cruiser ride.” This is just one of the 10 commandments of Denver Cruiser’s, a weekly bicycle ride that runs from May through September each summer, attracting over 2,000 participants every week. The ride is best known for its weekly themes such as Ski Bums & Ski Bunnies; Pirates, Sea Men, & Mermaids; or Knights & Nighties. The first ride of 2016 is May 18th, so be on the look out for the theme announcement. There are other days where you shall labor and do your work, but on Wednesdays we ride!

See a Summer Show at the Mishawaka
The Mishawaka is a legendary music venue located in the stunning Poudre Valley in Northern Colorado. It has long been known for its history of bringing big acts to it’s stunning, intimate venue. The Mish can host up to 752 music goers and overlooks the banks of the Poudre River. Buses now transport audiences from Fort Collins, allowing them to view the breathtaking scenery and relieving the worrying of having to drive at the end of the evening. Or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, after the show you can camp in designated camping spots in the surrounding area.

Join the Undead at the Zombie Crawl
Each year, Denver’s zombie crawl grows larger and larger, with over 40,000 undead dressed up in their scariest costumes and descend on the 16th Street Mall. There are pop-up restaurants, standup comedians, professional face painters, costume contests, live music, and after-parties that are fun for all ages. Events run all day long from 9am – 6pm. Every year the Zombie crawl seeks to set a world record, so sign up, dress up and be part of history in the making!

Walk Where the Dinosaurs Roamed on Dinosaur Ridge
Along with being a unique outdoor museum and visitor’s center, Dinosaur Ridge is also one of the most famous fossil locations in the world. Many important dinosaur discoveries were made here, including the discovery of many notorious dinosaurs including the Stegosaurus. You can take guided or self-guided tours of excavation sites, exposed fossils, tracks and other amazing examples of paleontology and geology. Dinosaur Ridge is open year round, so be sure to plan a trip and see why this is such a popular destination for nature lovers worldwide.

Climb the Rocks at the Garden of the Gods
Just south of Colorado Springs sits the aptly named Garden of the Gods. Everyday hikers, bikers, climbers, campers, wildlife watchers, and horseback riders are dazzled by the incredible red-rock formations which are over 300 million years old. The Garden of the Gods is also a National Nature Landmark and one of the most photographed places in all of Colorado. There are many different ways to see the park, at twilight or dusk, on foot or by guided Jeep tour. Whatever adventure you choose, you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime!

Stand at Exactly a Mile High
Denver is located at 5,280 feet above sea level, giving us the nickname The Mile High City.  But did you know that there is a place where you can stand at exactly one mile high? On a low hill on the east side of Civic Center Park sits the Classic-style Capitol building, crowned by a gilded dome. On the 13th step of the west side of the Colorado State Capitol “One Mile Above Sea Level” is etched into the stone. So grab your camera and head for this perfect photo op on Capitol Hill

Hike a Fourteen-er
All in all, Colorado has 54 peaks reaching over 14,000 feet, 140 different routes to climb these peaks and hundreds of thousands of feet in elevation. Walking, running, crawling or dragging yourself up one of these peaks has become something of a rite of passage in Colorado. While all of them have breathtaking views, the journey is just as important as the destination. Some routes can be more dangerous, rocky and fragile than others. So before you head out on your Colorado mountain journey, have a look at this 
Beginner’s Guide.

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