The Perks of Mountain Living

The Rocky Mountains are an area of unmatched beauty and unique opportunity. Nowhere else will you find so many people boasting about their quality of life. Living in the mountains can be exhilarating, refreshing, and even soothing. People who live in the mountains find that nature, and all it offers, has become a defining part of their existence. So what is so alluring about the mountains? Here are a few of the reasons why we love mountain living.

The Scenery
Everyone knows that one of the best parts about mountain living is being able to enjoy a spectacular view, uninterrupted by the noise and buzz of the city. Who wouldn’t want to sit in peaceful solitude while watching the sun rise and set over the Front Range? Colorado is home to 26 scenic byways, 54 peaks that rise over 14,000 feet, red rock formations that grow out of the earth, and deep canyons carved by the Colorado River. It seems that no matter what direction we look, we can’t escape the unrivaled beauty of Colorado.

The Recreation
There is no doubt that living in and being near the mountains inspires physical activity. Here in Colorado, the perfect time to get outdoors and play is all the time. No matter what the season, our mountains are beckoning to those in search for unparalleled adventure.  Zip-line across canyons, try your hand at rock climbing, slice down the ski slopes, or get your heart pounding on a whitewater rafting trip. Everything from hiking, biking and canoeing to camping, snow-shoeing, and four-wheeling; if you can imagine it, the mountains have it!

The Wildlife
When you live in the mountains, you don’t have to do far to have world class wildlife encounters. With Colorado’s 8 National Wild Life Refuges, 12 National Parks, 42 Colorado State Parks, and over 900 native species, wildlife watching is one of our favorite pastimes. At a time when our environment is going through dramatic changes, the mountains offer an insightful, first hand views into the world of wildlife. Whether it’s Bald Eagles, Bison, Big Horn Sheep or Moose, the Rocky Mountains are the perfect place to catch a glimpse of these animals in their natural habitat.

The Health Benefits
Recent research has linked living at higher altitudes to a longer and healthier life. In 2013, one study showed that life at sea level is associated with a four to five times higher rate of obesity. Even visiting the mountains for as little as one week can help spur weight loss. But that isn’t all. Mountain residents are also at a lower risk of heart disease, according to research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Even the air you breathe in the mountains helps to promote happiness and longevity. Not only is there less pollution, but a walk through the pines has been shown to help to decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

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