Featured Community of the Month: Hilltop

The creation of the Hilltop neighborhood, like many other areas of Denver, was due in large part to the presence of water. In 1855, the City Lateral Canal, a branch of the High Line Canal, channeled much needed water to the area. The dry terrain of the plains began to transform into a beautiful, lush landscape.

Milo Smith was an early developer of the Denver area and its streetcar lines, another element that drove the development of Hilltop. In 1866, he recognized the allure of the new green hill with expansive mountain views. This realization pushed him to chart the area, creating the Eastern Capitol Hill Subdivision just south of the City Lateral Canal.

Shortly thereafter, William Malone along with Bradford DuBois purchased the land north of the City Lateral Canal. When these two subdivisions were incorporated into the city of Denver in May of 1893, they were combined to form what is now known as Hilltop. The two subdivisions were mapped independently of each other, leading to the quirky disconnect of the streets running north and south, which is still present today.

Hilltop is now a beautiful community where spacious, stylish homes adorn the tree-lined streets. This community was dubbed Hilltop because of its higher elevation compared to the surrounding areas. With a lovely mix of grand old homes and new classics, it has become known as one of Denver’s “status-symbol” neighborhoods where culture and luxury reign.

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