Getting Your House Ready and Staged for Sale

The 2015 NAR home staging statistics just released, state that over 81% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it is staged. Here are some great tips to get you started maximizing your home’s selling potential.

The first thing that needs to be done, and also one of the hardest for most homeowners to do, is to stop looking at their property as their home and start to look at it as a sellable commodity.

Most potential buyers find it hard to see past the items that collect in the home over the years. Buyers need to fully appreciate your property’s full potential as a blank but beautifully staged canvas. While all of these items represent your family, memories and lifestyle to you, to most prospective buyers, it’s just clutter. To show the property’s full potential, these items need to be cleared away. On the bright side, most of these items are also the first things you want to take to your new home, so take this opportunity to do some early packing.

The next step is to thoroughly clean your home. Start with emptying kitchen and bathroom counters, putting those everyday-use items in cupboards and drawers. Follow this by checking your home for stains on carpets, walls and ceilings.  We tend to develop blind spots to these areas when we are living in our homes but potential buyers will not. In fact, they are likely to subconsciously hold it against the property more than they probably should. After all, these things can usually be fixed quite easily.

First impressions are very important. According to Zillow research in 2014, staging and curb appeal are the best home improvement projects for sellers.

Although the idea of getting your driveway jet washed or putting new plants in the garden may seem excessive at first glance, it can have an amazing impact. It can help potential buyers see your property as their dream home and can be well worth the small investment.

Now that you have done all the groundwork, let’s bring some light into your home. Open all the blinds and curtains and replace any burnt out light bulbs. This helps give a sense of space, improving the perception of size.

At this point your property should be clean and bright and now need to make sure every room has a clear and obvious purpose; find any rooms that do not and give them one. Remember that buyers aspire to certain lifestyles and need to be able to envision themselves living in this home. An office or extra bedroom is likely to be more appealing to them than a storage room.

So what can a professional home stager offer?

While we all have our own taste and sense of style, an accredited professional stager has the training, expertise and knowledge to present your house in its best light.  Your property will appeal to the widest possible audience.  Think of a stager like a make up artist getting a celebrity ready. While the stars are able to do their everyday make up, they need that special touch to really help them stand out on the red carpet.A staging professional will make sure your furniture is arranged to maximize the space available, while creating form and purpose. They will work with the challenges and features of each individual room to carefully select the perfect accent pieces, and make each room truly count. This will allow your property to leave a lasting impression and really shine while it walks the red carpet.

Guest Author: Hanna Joseph, owner of Ugly Duck Staging.


If you would like help staging your property please contact your realtor or one of the below Kentwood preferred staging companies:

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