Kentwood Real Estate Provides Brokers with Matterport Pro 3D Camera Technology to Capture Home Interiors


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Kentwood Real Estate is excited to introduce the Matterport Pro 3D Camera to our arsenal of technologically advanced tools to benefit our brokers and home buyers and sellers alike.  The platform will enable Kentwood’s agents to create and interact with realistic, photo-based three-dimensional images of interior spaces.  Kentwood Real Estate is the first real estate company in metro Denver to provide agents with the Matterport Pro 3D Camera.

The Matterport platform, which consists of the Matterport Pro 3D Camera, Matterport’s cloud services and the Matterport Web Player, brings realism, depth and ease-of-use to digital capture and viewing of home interiors and spaces in a fast and very cost-effective way while delivering superior visual quality.  Matterport’s camera, software and cloud services work together to capture and automatically weave together thousands of digital 3D images into an accurate, immersive photo-realistic model.  The model takes into account spatial relationships between objects and other features and provides accurate measurement data to the user.

“Matterport’s advanced computer vision software and innovative camera hardware makes it possible and practical to create visually compelling 3D models of spaces and incorporate them into a variety of contexts through simple web applications,” said Peter Niederman, Chief Executive Officer of Kentwood Real Estate.  “Our brokers now have the magic of 3D to help market homes.  Our listings can now be showcased in a realistic manner.  The 3D camera provides an immersive virtual tour that enables the user to walk through a home without actually being there.  Our agents can now sign up to have their listings captured with this camera.”

As the Matterport Pro 3D Camera gently spins, it captures the colors and contours of a space and calculates dimensions and spatial relationships between objects.  Unlike cumbersome laser-based systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars and require significant hours of work to create a single 3D model, Matterport’s Pro camera is cost-effective and easy to use.  It automatically produces consistently high quality 3D models in the hands of every user.  The Matterport 3D Portal enables users to access and organize scan jobs and models, collaborate with colleagues, share models with clients, and publish models to the general public.  The 3D fly-through videos allow users to become fully immersed in a model as if they were physically in the space.

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